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New Netflix Shows and Movies in October 2023

Mike Flanagan's new horror miniseries has Poe-tential

Tim Surette
The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher

Eike Schroter/Netflix

October is notorious for being the scariest month on the calendar, and nothing is scarier than the soulless, profit-chasing monsters who run pharmaceutical companies. Netflix's new shows and movies in October feature a pair of highlights that attack pill pushers, first with the genuinely scary miniseries The Fall of the House of Usher, from horror maestro Mike Flanagan, the creator of The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass. Later this month, it's the decidedly less scary Pain Hustlers, a poorly reviewed movie about a conspiracy at a pharma company that's only being highlighted because of its megawatt stars, Emily Blunt and Chris Evans. Also of note this month is the teen drama Everything Now and the latest seasons of the French thriller Lupin and the animated comedy Big Mouth.

Scroll on for more on the month's highlights, plus the full list of everything coming to and leaving Netflix in October 2023.

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The best new Netflix movies and shows in October

Everything Now

Everything Now


Lupin Season 3 (Oct. 5)

Staying undercover is an easy task for Assane Diop (Omar Sy): He's a seasoned gentleman thief and the master of disguises, after all. But keeping out of the public eye may prove a little more challenging when he's the most wanted man in France. That's the case for Assane in Lupin Season 3, thanks to his sworn nemesis Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre) who framed him for murder. The first two seasons were most delightful to watch when Assane suavely deceived the rich and the powerful and swiftly evaded their pursuit. He is like a magician with a neverending arsenal of tricks, and the curtains are about to rise for what's bound to be a mesmerizing third act. -Kat Moon [Trailer]

Everything Now Season 1 (Oct. 5)

This edgy, British teen comedy-drama follows a young woman who's fresh out of treatment for an eating disorder and returns to high school looking to make up for lost time by checking things off her bucket list. Partying? Check. Breaking the law? Check. Sex? Check. Yes, even though she's only missed out on several months, in teen time, that may as well be decades. [Trailer]

The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 (Oct. 12)

If anyone can adapt one of Edgar Allan Poe's timeless works, it's Mike Flanagan. The mind behind Netflix's recent string of atmospheric and eerie horror hits The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, Flanagan is rounding up his recurring band of actors to stage a modern take on Poe's 1839 classic The Fall of the House of Usher. But rumor has it the series will also lean into other Poe properties, evidenced by the "Nevermore" tagline and Carla Gugino's ominous raven-inspired shapeshifting demon. The series will seemingly take inspiration from the infamous Sackler family for the story of the ruthless Roderick Usher (Bruce Greenwood), founder of Fortunato Pharmaceuticals, who must face his past when his heirs start to die at the hands of a mysterious figure. In other words, this Halloween's theme is karma. -Hunter Ingram [Trailer]

Pain Hustlers (Oct. 27)

If TV and movie trends are any indication, it's cool to rip the pharmaceutical industry to shreds. This Netflix original film stars Emily Blunt as a mother who joins a flailing pharma startup in Florida, and ends up finding herself in the middle of a criminal conspiracy. Chris Evans stars as her coworker and Andy Garcia stars as their unhinged boss, so it has the star power. However, reviews of the film have been stinky, so it looks like this is another glossy Netflix movie with A-listers that isn't actually that good. Still, it's a light month, and who doesn't love Blunt and Evans? -Tim Surette [Trailer]

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Everything coming to Netflix in October

Oct. 1
60 Days In: Season 4
A Beautiful Mind
American Beauty
Catch Me If You Can
Cinderella Man
Drake & Josh: Seasons 1-3
Dune (2021)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Hot Tub Time Machine
Kung Fu Panda
Love Actually
Margot at the Wedding
Miss Juneteenth 
Mission: Impossible 
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 
Mission: Impossible II 
Mission: Impossible III 
My Best Friend's Wedding 
Role Models 
Runaway Bride 
Saving Private Ryan 
Sex and the City 2 
Sex and the City: The Movie 
The Adventures of Tintin 
The Amazing Spider-Man 
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 
The Firm 
The House Bunny 
The Little Rascals (1994) 
War of the Worlds

Oct. 2
Strawberry Shortcake and the Beast of Berry Bog

Oct. 3
Beth Stelling: If You Didn't Want Me Then

Oct. 4
Beckham (UK)
Keys to the Heart
Race to the Summit 
Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber: Season 1 

Oct. 5
Everything Now
Lupin: Part 3 

Oct. 6
A Deadly Invitation 
Fair Play

Oct. 7
Strong Girl Nam-soon

Oct. 9
Blippi's Big Dino Adventure
Stranded with my Mother-in-Law

Oct. 10
DI4RIES: Season 2 Part 1
Last One Standing: Season 2

Oct. 11
Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul
It Follows
Once Upon a Star
Pact of Silence

Oct. 12
Deliver Us from Evil
The Fall of the House of Usher
LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising: Season 1: Part 2  

Oct. 13
The Conference 
Spy Kids
Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
Spy Kids 3: Game Over

Oct. 15
Camp Courage

Oct. 16
Oggy Oggy: Season 3  

Oct. 17
The Devil on Trial
Heather McMahan: Son I Never Had
I Woke Up A Vampire
Silver Linings Playbook

Oct. 18
Kaala Paani  

Oct. 19
American Ninja Warrior Seasons 12-13
Bebefinn: Season 2
Blood Dragon Remix
Crashing Eid 
Crypto Boy
Ghost Hunters: Seasons 8-9

Oct. 20
Big Mouth: Season 7
Disco Inferno 
Elite: Season 7 
Kandasamys: The Baby
Old Dads
Surviving Paradise
Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris (UK)  

Oct. 23
Princess Power: Season 2

Oct. 24
The Family Business: Seasons 1-4
Get Gotti
Pete Holmes: I Am Not For Everyone

Oct. 25
Absolute Beginners
Burning Betrayal
Life on Our Planet
The UnXplained with William Shatner: Season 3

Oct. 27
Pain Hustlers
Sister Death 
Yellow Door: '90s Lo-fi Film Club

Oct. 28
Castaway Diva  

Oct. 29
Botched Season 1

Oct. 31
Ralph Barbosa: Cowabunga

Everything leaving Netflix in October

Oct. 1
The Rental

Oct. 2

Oct. 4
The Expendables
The Expendables 2
The Expendables 3

Oct. 5
American Pie: Girls' Rules

Oct. 14
Half & Half: Seasons 1-4
One on One: Seasons 1-5 

Oct. 31
Coming to America
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Girl, Interrupted
Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie
Into the Badlands: Seasons 1-3
Mile 22
No Strings Attached
Pride & Prejudice
Reservoir Dogs
Steel Magnolias
Tagged: Seasons 1-3
Terminator Genisys
The Pink Panther
The Pink Panther 2
The Thundermans: Seasons 1-2
Victorious: Seasons 1-2