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The White Lotus Season 3: Location, Theme, and Everything You Need to Know

We now know why it's set in Thailand

Allison Picurro

There hasn't been much news about the third season of HBO's The White Lotus since the announcement that Natasha Rothwell, who played spa manager Belinda in Season 1, will reprise her role in the new season. But with the writers strike over, we can only assume that Mike White is back to dreaming up nightmare scenarios for White Lotus Resort guests to endure.

Read on to learn everything we currently know about The White Lotus Season 3.

Simona Tabasco, The White Lotus

Simona Tabasco, The White Lotus

Fabio Lovino/HBO

The White Lotus Season 3 release date prediction

We don't know when we can expect Season 3, but after the WGA reached a deal with the AMPTP, Deadline reported that The White Lotus is one of three tentpole series HBO is prioritizing, along with Euphoria and The Last Of Us.

HBO renewed the series for a third season before the second had even finished airing. In a statement, creator-writer-director Mike White said, "I feel so lucky to get this opportunity again and am excited to reunite with my amazingly talented collaborators on The White Lotus."

Where will The White Lotus Season 3 be set?

The White Lotus Season 3 is headed across the Pacific Ocean to Thailand, according to a report from Variety on March 27. On October 25, Deadline reported that series creator Mike White chose Thailand over Japan after being offered millions of dollars in filming incentives from the Thai government. "The Thai government had just announced a renewal and improvement on their film incentive system. A 30 percent rebate. For their project, that meant $4.4 million alone," said Japanese producer Georgina Pope. "Everyone looked at me with sympathy. At the time in Japan, we had no incentive in place at all. I could not respond with a concrete answer. All I could hear was the sound of a $35 million project flying out the window."

White previously hinted that Season 3 might be set in Asia. Executive producer David Bernad echoed him during a talk at the Berlinale Series Market, saying, "We've tried to work in Asia a lot and hopefully Season 3 will be our chance to make something happen there."

In HBO's after-the-episode featurette accompanying the Season 2 finale, White previewed the potential location and theme of the next season. "The first season kind of highlighted money, and then the second season is sex," White said, via Variety. "I think the third season would be maybe a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality. It feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round at White Lotus."

Who will be in The White Lotus Season 3?

The first casting announcement is here. According to a report from Variety, Natasha Rothwell, who played Belinda, the spa manager who got strung along by Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) in Season 1, is set to return for Season 3.

Where to watch The White Lotus

The White Lotus Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Max.