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The Good Doctor Season 7: Cast, Latest News, and Everything Else to Know

When will we see Shaun Murphy be The Good Father?

Rebecca Rovenstine
Freddie Highmore, The Good Doctor

Freddie Highmore, The Good Doctor

ABC/Jeff Weddell

We've all come to love medical savant Dr. Shaun Murphy, played by the talented Freddie Highmore, on ABC's The Good Doctor. For six seasons we've been captivated while watching Dr. Murphy navigate relationships with his coworkers and patients while continuing to personally grow during his tenure at St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose. ABC renewed the hit medical drama in mid-April 2023 for a seventh season, and we can hardly wait.

With a new season on the way, we will try to answer all your questions, such as when The Good Doctor will premiere, who will be in Season 7 of The Good Doctor, and where you can watch and stream The Good Doctor right now.

The Good Doctor Season 7 latest news

In early October, the writers strike came to an end after the WGA and AMPTP settled their contract dispute, allowing The Good Doctor writers room to reopen. That's the good news. However, the actors strike continues on, meaning The Good Doctor can't even film a single scene until that's resolved. Thankfully, the writers have a head start on production, meaning that theoretically, filming on Season 7 can begin as soon as the actors and the AMPTP come to an agreement.

The Good Doctor Season 7 release date prediction

Previously part of ABC's fall lineup, The Good Doctor's release date for Season 7 has been pushed back indefinitely. This is due to the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes for fair compensation, which have halted production on films and TV shows.  

Though the writers strike is resolved, the actors strike continues on, meaning we still don't know when filming on Season 7 can begin. But it's almost assured that The Good Doctor won't be back in 2023, with a shortened season in the first half of 2024 a more likely outcome.

What will The Good Doctor Season 7 be about?

There has been no official release or statement about what fans can expect for Season 7 of The Good Doctor. Based on how Season 6 ended, with Dr. Murphy becoming a father, we imagine a majority of the season will be dedicated to his adjustment to fatherhood.

Who will be in The Good Doctor Season 7?

Series regular Brandon Larracuente, known for his role as Dr. Danny Perez, will not be coming back full-time for Season 7 of The Good Doctor, according to TV Line. Dr. Perez first appeared in the early episodes of Season 6 but quickly became a recurring character due to his relationship with Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Henderson). The character's relapse into drugs was a pivotal part of the series finale, but this may also be an easy way to explain his disappearance from the prestigious surgical hospital. 

Larracuente will not be returning because he took on a new role for an upcoming Prime Video series, On Call. It has been speculated that Dr. Perez may still have occasional guest appearances on The Good Doctor if Larracuente's filming schedule allows it.

Besides Larracuente, all other main cast members are expected to return for Season 7 of The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor (Season 7) Main Cast:

Where can I watch The Good Doctor?

All past seasons of The Good Doctor are available to watch on Hulu. Once Season 7 of The Good Doctor premieres on ABC, the episodes will likely be available the next day on the streaming platform.